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Happy Independence Day

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

The Battlegrounds 2 Team hopes you are all having a good Independence Day.

Mapping Update and Development Openings

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Today we bring you news and previews of the maps we have been working on for the upcoming version of Battle Grounds 2.

First off we have bg_trenton, the product of our newest developer Klifsnider. This map is a traditional Battlegrounds flag holding map based loosely on the battle of Trenton.


Secondly I can tell you that bg_township, which featured in previous BG2 releases is making a return. Originally crafted by tomdom it has been brought back to life by gRanTeLbArT.



Due to popular demand we have brought back the old version of bg_plateau, the current version has been renamed to bg_hamlet.

Development Position Openings

We are looking for new team members to help us with the development of BG2. The positions we are looking to fill are:

3D Artists
-Character models
-Weapon models
-Organic and inorganic props
Applicants must be able to uv map and texture their models and characters need to be rigged. A knowledge of the source engine is reccommended.

Environment Texture Artists
Must be able to produce high quality tileable textures in keeping with the Revolutionary America Period.

Please send all inquiries and applications accompanied by samples to



Forum Registration Fixed

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Over the past week or so the forum registration process hasn’t been allowing new users to register due to an oversight when implementing anti-spam measures.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

Now it is working again you can register an account here:

There are many advantages of registering on the forums, getting help with technical issues, checking out the latest 3rd party content such as new maps and models, staying informed of all the events and competitions taking place within the mod, keeping up to date with the development progress and getting all the details of the beta testing events!

Once again:

Clan Board Added, 2.1 News

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Welcome back,

We have just added a new clan board to the forum pages. Clans can now use this as a place to plan matches, share results, challenge other clans to scrims and recruit players. It can be found under the community section of the forum.

In other news BG 2.1 continues in progress. We currently are almost done bringing weapons drop/pick up to life. In 2.1 players will be able to drop weapons and pick others off of the ground. This will be brought about in a realistic way that will mesh nicely with the game. We have New Roob to thank for much of the work on this project, with help from Grantelbart and Tjoppen.

We’ve also updated the shooting physics a great deal, adding more realism to the way people aim and shoot in the game. This should be a great addition to the game. Tjoppen has been instrumental in updating the code for this, with a great deal of testing help from Danihel, New Roob and Forlorn Hope.

Another small fix that comes to mind is that some community members have pointed out that the Brown Bess flints should be square rather than “pointed”. This is very true, and we have addressed that with the appropriate fix thanks in large part to Steve, while he was at it he added smoothing groups to the American brown bess and the bayonet-less variation used by the native.

We’re speeding along with 2.1 and will soon be entering the testing phase. If you would be interested in helping to test the game, you can do so for free– just go to the forum and look for the SVN “How To” in the beta testing forum. This guide will help you get started. We’ll be scheduling testing soon.

-Nathan Hale

Mod of the Year: We Need You!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Well it looks like we dropped the ball on this one. There are only a few hours left to vote for the first phase of Mod of the Year 2010.

So we would be delighted if you would click the link on the image below and on our moddb page vote for us.

Mod of the Year Awards

New Team Members, Progress Update

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Welcome back, the BG Development Team is glad to announce the addition of two new team members:

Qdin will be doing some animating and perhaps modeling for the team. The team has been looking for a new member like him for awhile, and we’re happy to have him aboard.

We also have added new member Miehtso to the team. Miehtso is a talented texture artist who has already gone to work: he has created a new alternate skin for the militia class. This skin will be added as a random skin to the game: you will see both the old green militia skin as well as this new blue one in the game.

Both these new members of the team bring a wealth of ability and experience. We look forward to their help with the next version of the game.

In other news the SVN beta test version of BG2 now has new shooting physics. The next version of BG2 will feature even more realistic shooting physics based on real ballistics studies of flintlock weapons. Shooting will be more realistic than ever. We also are working on fixing bugs and making melee even more intuitive and fun than ever. We also are working on a system for weapons drop and pick up– we’d like to add to the next version the ability to drop and pick up weapons on the field of battle in a realistic and balanced fashion.

-Nathan Hale

We are currently recruiting

Friday, September 17th, 2010

For our future release we would like to improve the visuals in Battle Grounds 2.  We need some new talent to join the team in order to realise this goal.

The current roles we are looking to fill:

  • Character Modeller
  • Weapon Modeller
  • Texture Artist

If you would like to apply for any of these positions please sign up on our forums and send a PM to Ad-Man including what skills you possess and examples of previous work.

In the works: New deathcam and game mode!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Dropping in to give you guys a taste of whats in store for you in the next release, the BG2 dev team is happy to present the newest deathcam! Check it out here:

Also in the works is a new gameplay mode similar to modes seen in Battlefield 2, Battlefront and Firearms: Source. The mode involves a fixed number of reinforcements with the goal being to drain the enemies reinforcements before yours are. Stay tuned for more updates about this new game mode and other exciting additions the BG2 dev team is working on.

The American Revolution Comes to E:TW and News Update

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

It’s been awhile, but the Dev Team thought it was time for a quick news update:

First, we have discovered a high-quality mod for Empire:Total War based, like Battlegrounds 2, on the history of the American Revolution. Danihel put together the following brief report on it:

I want to let you guys know about our partner modders who have made an excellent Empire: Total War mod called The American Revolution. With a focus on realism and historical accuracy that rivals Battle Grounds 2, TAR mod team has created two expansive campaigns for the game, added numerous new units with special attention paid to details such as uniforms and even which state or town the units were from and has added in period fife and drum music unique to each country. While there is too much to list with what the TAR mod team has done with ETW, check out the screenshots in the link forum link below for TAR mod.

Tar Mod:
The American Revolution Mod for Empire: Total War

Screen Shots

The American Revolution Mod for Empire: Total War Screen Shots

Thanks to Danihel for that report.

In other news we are continuing to work on the next update to BG. It will include more bug fixes (yes, still more of those), but should also include some new graphical improvements and possibly new artillery, including movable light cannon with improved and realistic physics for shot. We also are looking at adding a couple of new classes, which should add more diversity to gameplay. The details on many of these changes are still being ironed out, but this brief update is to let you know we are adding still more improvements to the game.

-Nathan Hale

Official Battle Grounds 2 league launched.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Some of you may have already heard about this league. This is basically a summary of what the BGU is.

The website is currently undergoing some superficial design tweaks but is fully functioning. It can be reached here:

After the demise of the BGL NA division due to the admin being removed last week the BGU arranged exhibition matches at short notice for the Sunday.

The founding of this league was based on inter-clan cooperation, the name itself embodies the spirit of the league. Players playing BG with no personal vendettas of grudges that plagued the BGL. The format was drafted out with input from all parties involved.

This weekend the BGU will stage its initial ranked matches. It was decided to keep the 9PM Eastern time used by the BGL and 5on5 gameplay.

All clans are welcome to participate, please fill out the application here:

-New Roob