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Battlegrounds 2 Version 1.5a RELEASED!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Well the time has come for the big release: Battlegrounds 2 1.5a. This game adds a variety of features. Shots and description can be in the last news post. This release has been a long time in coming, but we have some big changes to add. The new features add a whole new dimension to the game, especially ironsights and capture the flag. Over the past few days we’ve continued to test and fix little issues with the game. Special thanks to HairyPotter for working hard right up until release to fix bugs, and thank you to our beta testers and beta test servers who have helped iron things out: 3D clan, AP clan and SS clan.

Downloads ONLINE AS OF 12:01 AM 9/26/09 Eastern US Time.

Here are the links for the download:

Full installer client (use this if you’re just joining servers and playing BG2):

Full Installer Server Side (use this if you’re going to be running a server):

Patch 1.2.1 to 1.5a (use this if you have the old version and are client):

Patch 1.2.1 to 1.5a server (use this if you have the old version and are running a server):

And of course ye olde change log:

1.5a 2009
Iron sights added.
CTF mode added.
King of the hill settings added (You turn flag’s fullcap setting OFF in hammer).
Spawn kill prevention added. ( sv_saferespawntime )
Much more HLStatsX support.
Fixed a bug where people who leave a flag while the capture timer still counts can return and finish the cap even though they’d stopped capping.
Added Native and Militia class.
Added bump mapping on all weapons.
Added bg_germantown_b2
Added bg2_maptrigger entity for mappers, which can do outputs on Round and Map wins for each team.
Tweaked the class selection menu a tad. Thanks to Area51.
Added hud_takesshots, which will make clients take screenshots of the scoreboard on map ends. BG2 Options entry added.
Flags will no longer continue to give points to teams once the round has ended and everyone is frozen.
Adjusted the player’s camera position, so it’s a little higher off the ground when crouching.
Fixed a bug where a voicecomm will stop a weapon’s reload sound.
Added Tjoppen’s new bullet physics code for (non) simulated bullets.
Simulated bullets model is now invisible, and it’s origin shifted to the right of the player’s FOV.
Added the Forcecap input for flags. Which forces the flag to instantly cap for a certain team.
Added a “starting team” setting for flags.
Localized some text strings, so that lang files could be set up.

1.5a issues:

Native has no voicecomms.


-Nathan Hale

Battlegrounds 2 Version 1.5a Release Date Set

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Welcome back to, the home of the Battlegrounds mod for Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2/Orangebox.

The BG Development Team is proud to announce that the next version of Battlegrounds 2 will be released on Saturday September 26, 2009. This release will be the culmination of our 8th anniversary celebration of the original Battlegrounds first release. The newest version represents a substantial leap forward in the progress of Battlegrounds 2 and is the product of numerous upgrades and ideas coming from both the Battlegrounds Team, as well as from the Battlegrounds community as a whole. We will be releasing both a comprehensive full installer, as well as an incremental patch that will build on your existing 1.2.1 files. The game, of course, will continue to run with Steam.

We will not go into all the details of all of the changes to the game in 1.5a, but we will highlight three big ones: the addition of ironsights, two new classes to play and the addition of capture-the-flag gameplay.

In 1.5a the long guns all will have ironsights as their primary firing position. Pistols will remain the same as before. With the muskets and rifles, you will need to bind a key to ironsights for shooting. Hip-shots will be wildly inaccurate and you will now have to take aim to hit your target. The system will reward practiced shooters and add a new dimension to gameplay. We have also added two new classes (one to each side): militia units to the Americans, and Native American tribal warriors to the British. These classes will bring new weapons to the game as well, and function as skrimishers. Finally, capture-the-flag is exactly what it says: a new gameplay mode where the objective is the break through the enemy ranks, steal their flag and return it to your team’s capture area.

More details about changes and credits can be found in theĀ  change log that will come with your download. We look forward to the release. We also invite everyone to join us on the forum to participate fully in the BG community there.

-Nathan Hale