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Another 2.0 Mirror, and Facebook

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Battle Grounds Mod’s progress continues:

Thanks to the generous help of a fellow named David Harrison, the 2.0 client can now be downloaded from yet another link (in addition to what we already have):

2.0 Client Additional Mirror

2.0 Client Additional Mirror 2 (courtesy of

Battle Grounds Mod is also on Facebook now, thanks to [OBCD]Danihel, so feel free to join up with that:

BG on Facebook

As always, visit us on the forums here at

-Nathan Hale

Battle For the Colonies Is Recruiting!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Battle For the Colonies has been reborn! For those of you who don’t remember, Battle For The Colonies is an organized play project where individuals play as soldiers in the American or British Army. A central campaign map guides the action overall, similar to Risk or Empire Total War. Each side has a commander-in-chief, who decides where to attack and defend. Then the battles are played out in BG 2 2.0. Players are allowed to come and go each week, so no one needs to commit to the entire campaign. You can come for any battle, or all of them and play as many times as you want. Matches are played on a points basis, with capturing ground being the important part, not individual melee or damage.

Each Saturday at 12 pm Eastern US Time, the battles begin to determine the fate of the colonies. The following link has more information, and you can register to join either side in advance. The Heroic Elite Server will be hosting the battles.

Tiedup14 of the Heroic Elite will be administering the campaign and has made this general announcement as well:

“Battle for the Colonies is a campaign style tournament. Players join either the British or American side and battle it out over a period many weeks. There is a map of the 13 colonies, and each colony has a different point value. Battle for the territory (colony) would be a match on a server.”

Battle For the Colonies

The project needs players to get off the ground, with one more possible officer spot available on each side. You can also learn more by visiting the BGMod forum using a link on the right side of this webpage.

The direct link to registration/enlistment is:

Enlistment Here

-Nathan Hale

Battlegrounds 2 2.0 SP1 Server Patch for Linux available now

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Following up on the succesful release of Server Patch 1 for BG2 2.0 built for windows, a version for Linux server is available now. Server admins can get it here:

For the detailed changes and more information, see the release announcement of SP1 for windows servers here.

Line Battle Map Pack Release

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Today, we are also releasing a Line Battle map pack consisting of new maps made for this popular way of playing BG 2 in organized formations. The positive feedback received about the first large scale line battle map included in BG 2 2.0 encouraged Peacekeeper to create three new fanstatic maps.

First off in this map pack, there is a map of the Battle of Valcour Island.

Valcour Island

The next map is called Alpine Pass and is a fictional mountain-site battlefield. This map features a wide array of terrain and movable, light artitterly pieces. They can be pushed across the battlefield and fire into the enemy ranks.

Alpine Pass

Finally, there is a new version of the popular Battle of Concord map including the same new cannons as Alpine Pass.

Concord with Cannons

You can download the mappack here:

First Server Patch for BG2 2.0 available now

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

We are proud to announce that today we are releasing a small server-side only patch for 2.0 addressing some of the issues reported by the community and found by developers and community during intense sessions of 2.0 gameplay. The patch includes the fixed version of bg_assault (see post below) and many other small changes. Only servers owners need to install this patch. Server admins please note a fixed mapcycle.txt using bg_assault_r2 (fixed version) instead of the normal assault is included, be aware of this if you put it on your server. To install, shut down your server, extract the contents of the server patch .zip file and restart your server.

The Game version in the Server Browser is changed to 2.0 SP1 indicating a server has been updated.

Windows Patch:

Linux Patch:

Detailed Changelog:

2.0 SP1 5/8/2010
Server-only patch:
Fixed baoynets not being able to hit heads during the retrace period.
Fixed fowler having worse accuracy when crouched compared to standing.
Fixed longpattern without bayonet having worse accuracy than normal longpattern.
Reduced pistol constant damage range to 8 yards (from 15).
Roughly halved the number of shots fired when loading buckshot, and increased the total damage by about 10% for both fowler and carbine.
Flattened stamina regeneration curve. The rates are now 11.7 – 23.3 per second based on health instead of 6.3 – 23.3.
Tweaked stamina drains:
– reduced rifle and musket stamina drains to 35 (from 45)
– reduced pistol stamina drain to 25 (from 45)
– fixed jumping stamina drain at 40 (from 30-40)
– reduced ducking stamina drain to 25 (from 30)
Made the bots useful:
– they will attempt to capture nearby flags
– they will attack nearby enemies
– they will only fire their weapon/perform melee attacks if their enemy is close enough
– they won’t move away from the flag if close enough, even if an enemy is in sight
– they will only reload if no enemies are in sight or if the current weapon lacks a melee attack
– they will wander randomly if they have no decent target (flag or enemy)
– they can fullcap bg_ambush
Fixed bg_assault crashing when the British successfully defend. Map name changed to bg_assault_r2.