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In the works: New deathcam and game mode!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Dropping in to give you guys a taste of whats in store for you in the next release, the BG2 dev team is happy to present the newest deathcam! Check it out here:

Also in the works is a new gameplay mode similar to modes seen in Battlefield 2, Battlefront and Firearms: Source. The mode involves a fixed number of reinforcements with the goal being to drain the enemies reinforcements before yours are. Stay tuned for more updates about this new game mode and other exciting additions the BG2 dev team is working on.

The American Revolution Comes to E:TW and News Update

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

It’s been awhile, but the Dev Team thought it was time for a quick news update:

First, we have discovered a high-quality mod for Empire:Total War based, like Battlegrounds 2, on the history of the American Revolution. Danihel put together the following brief report on it:

I want to let you guys know about our partner modders who have made an excellent Empire: Total War mod called The American Revolution. With a focus on realism and historical accuracy that rivals Battle Grounds 2, TAR mod team has created two expansive campaigns for the game, added numerous new units with special attention paid to details such as uniforms and even which state or town the units were from and has added in period fife and drum music unique to each country. While there is too much to list with what the TAR mod team has done with ETW, check out the screenshots in the link forum link below for TAR mod.

Tar Mod:
The American Revolution Mod for Empire: Total War

Screen Shots

The American Revolution Mod for Empire: Total War Screen Shots

Thanks to Danihel for that report.

In other news we are continuing to work on the next update to BG. It will include more bug fixes (yes, still more of those), but should also include some new graphical improvements and possibly new artillery, including movable light cannon with improved and realistic physics for shot. We also are looking at adding a couple of new classes, which should add more diversity to gameplay. The details on many of these changes are still being ironed out, but this brief update is to let you know we are adding still more improvements to the game.

-Nathan Hale