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Mod of the Year: We Need You!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Well it looks like we dropped the ball on this one. There are only a few hours left to vote for the first phase of Mod of the Year 2010.

So we would be delighted if you would click the link on the image below and on our moddb page vote for us.

Mod of the Year Awards

New Team Members, Progress Update

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Welcome back, the BG Development Team is glad to announce the addition of two new team members:

Qdin will be doing some animating and perhaps modeling for the team. The team has been looking for a new member like him for awhile, and we’re happy to have him aboard.

We also have added new member Miehtso to the team. Miehtso is a talented texture artist who has already gone to work: he has created a new alternate skin for the militia class. This skin will be added as a random skin to the game: you will see both the old green militia skin as well as this new blue one in the game.

Both these new members of the team bring a wealth of ability and experience. We look forward to their help with the next version of the game.

In other news the SVN beta test version of BG2 now has new shooting physics. The next version of BG2 will feature even more realistic shooting physics based on real ballistics studies of flintlock weapons. Shooting will be more realistic than ever. We also are working on fixing bugs and making melee even more intuitive and fun than ever. We also are working on a system for weapons drop and pick up– we’d like to add to the next version the ability to drop and pick up weapons on the field of battle in a realistic and balanced fashion.

-Nathan Hale