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Mapping Update and Development Openings

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Today we bring you news and previews of the maps we have been working on for the upcoming version of Battle Grounds 2.

First off we have bg_trenton, the product of our newest developer Klifsnider. This map is a traditional Battlegrounds flag holding map based loosely on the battle of Trenton.


Secondly I can tell you that bg_township, which featured in previous BG2 releases is making a return. Originally crafted by tomdom it has been brought back to life by gRanTeLbArT.



Due to popular demand we have brought back the old version of bg_plateau, the current version has been renamed to bg_hamlet.

Development Position Openings

We are looking for new team members to help us with the development of BG2. The positions we are looking to fill are:

3D Artists
-Character models
-Weapon models
-Organic and inorganic props
Applicants must be able to uv map and texture their models and characters need to be rigged. A knowledge of the source engine is reccommended.

Environment Texture Artists
Must be able to produce high quality tileable textures in keeping with the Revolutionary America Period.

Please send all inquiries and applications accompanied by samples to