Battle Grounds 2 Version 2.1 RELEASED

The time has come for Battle Grounds 2 version 2.1! The Development Team is proud to offer this latest version of BG2, with features such as improved heads up display, improved maps like Township, new Fowler gun, new ticket system option (Battlefield style games) and improved combat movements/melee system. These are just a few examples of improvements that players will find in 2.1, but instead of sitting and reading about it… why not go grab it and experience it for yourself! The causes of Liberty or King and Country await!

-Nathan Hale


Mirror 1:
2.1 Maverick’s Mirror (Global)

Mirror 2:
2.1 Tjoppen’s Mirror (EU)

Mirror 3:
2.1 Bubka’s Mirror (US)

Server .zip:

2.1 Maverick’s Mirror (Global)

2.1 Tjoppen’s Mirror (EU)

2.1 ModDB

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