The Battle Grounds II 2.2 Update!

The Battle Grounds development team is pleased to announce the latest update to our mod, just in time for Christmas! The Battle Grounds 2.2 update adds new content, updates old maps and models and brings a fresh coat of paint to the Battle Grounds. So get the download link below, grab your musket and join the fight!

We hope you enjoy playing 2.2 as much as we did making it. Below is a change log which covers the major additions to the mod, a full version can be viewed in our readme file.

The Battle Grounds 2.2 – December 19, 2013
Added new map ctf_millcreek
Various fixes on bg_townguard
Graphical updates on bg_maricopa, bg_snowlake and Ctf_River
Updated farm house on bg_freemans_farm
Updated bullet physics to reduce lag
Tweaks to buckshotNew frontiersman knife
Updated textures on Brown Bess, American Brown Bess, Jaeger Rifle and Charleville
Tweaked the Revolutionaire iron sight
Updated textures for the British Infantry, British Officer, British Light Infantry, Continental Soldier, American Officer, Frontiersman and Militia player models
Added skin selection to the team selection menu for British and American Infantry
Added a hit marker and removed hit messages (Hit messages can still be toggled on/off in options)
Replaced the cap for the British Light Infantry.

To download the Windows client of this release head over to the Client download page:
For other downloads, such as the server files and source code check our downloads index:

I would like to personally thank all of the lovely people without whom none of this would have happened.

Klifsnider (Lead Mapper)
Roob (Lead Coder)
Visual Melon (Coder, without him the majority of this update wouldn’t have happened, cheers mate.)
Nathan Hale (Historical adviser, 2d artist.)
Santi Koach (2d art creation, weapon skins)
Awesome (mapper, 2d art creation)
Kasos (mapper)
MPC (textures and mapping)
William (Contributed some lovely models)
Kriboez (Knife model)
Friagram (Modeling contributions)

Without the help and dedication of all these people none of this would have happened, thank you all very much. If I have forgotten or overlooked anyone’s contribution, it was not intentional and I am very sorry.

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to The Battle Grounds, have a very Merry Christmas!

The Battle Grounds 2 Development team.

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