March 6th, 2012

Hey guys!

For the last 2 days, many people have been having: Disconnect: Invalid Steam userID or Invalid Steam ID Ticket. I tried everything, including deleting blobs, restarting steam, restarting my PC; and restarting my router. For some reason my laptop worked fine. So I was searching the steam forums, and it seems I am not the only one with this problem. For the last 48 hours HL2/OB mods have not been working for a ton of people, but someone recently posted a fix, which works:

Go to your steam folder, and delete everything except for Steam Apps and Steam.exe. Steam will be prompted to download all the steam files (not your game files) again after you try to launch it.

Topic with the fix:


January 14th, 2012

A new year means a new progress update on Battlegrounds 2 v2.2. We are currently going through a list of projects that will improve the game for 2.2.

We’re also putting out a call to interested individuals to join the BG Dev Team (see below). At the moment we are looking for new team members who can make models, skins, animations and who can code. If you have experience in any of these fields please go to the forums and contact an active BG Dev Team member.

Right now Hawke is working on an improve Long Land Pattern musket for the game.

Hawke is working on an improved knife and swords as well, which are based on examples from the period of the American Revolution.

Mapper MPC is working on a new map inspired by a British attack on New London, Connecticut in 1781. The map includes several new 18th century props and will make a nice “town” style addition to the game. Many players have enjoyed bg_townguard over the years, and this New London-based map should prove to be a similarly good experience. Mapper Grantelbart also continues to find and fix bugs in existing maps.

Other projects are being considered for 2.2 and we are just getting started on this update. No due date for 2.2 has been set yet, but when we do set one, you may be somewhat surprised at a shorter wait than in the past.
Keep visiting our page at ModDB and, as well as our forums at for future details.

-Nathan Hale

December 3rd, 2011

Once again ModDB is doing a “Mod of the Year” voting contest, and this year we need YOUR vote! Go to ModDB, log in and vote for Battle Grounds 2 as MOD OF THE YEAR!

We would be delighted if you would click the link on the image below and on our moddb page vote for us. Simply go to this link:

Mod of the Year Awards

Then click “Vote for this Mod”.

Thank you for your support!

-The Battle Grounds 2 Dev Team

November 29th, 2011

It has been brought to our attention that the 2.1.1 Full installer is broken.

This causes no servers to show up in the server browser and make the game unplayable.

If you used the broken installer the steps to fix your installation are here.

We now have a fixed installer on the downloads page.

November 20th, 2011

Battle For the Colonies is back again! For those of you who don’t remember, Battle For The Colonies is an organized play project where individuals play as soldiers in the American or British Army. A central campaign map guides the action overall, similar to Risk or Empire Total War. Then the battles are played out in BG 2 2.1.1. Players are allowed to come and go each week, so no one needs to commit to the entire campaign. You can come for any battle, or all of them and play as many times as you want.

The tournament this time is being chaired by Dev Team Member Forlorn Hope. He had this to say about the upcoming tournament:

OK, BFTC2 will be kicking off after BG Nations’ Cup (unless people want to do it sooner.) Anyway, I set the group to public, the rules are already laid out. If you’re interested in playing, please feel free to post up here, but also be sure to join the steam group.

BFTC II Steam Group

Be sure to invite your friends to this as well so we can get some good participation from the community. It is NOT limited to people in clans. Pubbers are also entirely welcome, and at some point I’m going to need some people playing at Generals to take charge of strategic armies.

This new tournament should be quite good, combining a broad campaign with the updated game play of 2.1.1.

-Nathan Hale

November 11th, 2011

When we released Battle Grounds 2 2.1, we received quite a bit of feedback. Some of it was good, and some of it had suggestions for improvement. Well, the BG2 Dev Team heard your requests and the result of many of them is this: 2.1.1. This update patch features fixes to melee, several maps and to flintlock shooting made to balance gameplay and add to realism.

Thanks to your suggestions and Tjoppen’s work with the game code, we found a major flaw in the bayonet physics that 2.1.1 fixes. We also tweaked the way flintlocks work in the game, adding a very slight delay to firing, to increase realism.

Grantelbart has also found and fixed several map exploits in 2.1.1, which should be helpful.

The Dev Team also heard your requests for incremental patches, and so this update is a small incremental addition to 2.1. In order to play 2.1.1, you must first have 2.1 installed (which all of you should have now anyway), and then apply the small 2.1.1 patch.

Thanks again for your feedback. We look forward to providing more player-friendly updates down the road.

-Nathan Hale

2.1.1 UPDATE:

Windows Client
2.1.1 Windows Patch (Global)

Windows Server Zip
Server Zip (Global)

Linux Server Archive
Linux (Global)

October 7th, 2011

The time has come for Battle Grounds 2 version 2.1! The Development Team is proud to offer this latest version of BG2, with features such as improved heads up display, improved maps like Township, new Fowler gun, new ticket system option (Battlefield style games) and improved combat movements/melee system. These are just a few examples of improvements that players will find in 2.1, but instead of sitting and reading about it… why not go grab it and experience it for yourself! The causes of Liberty or King and Country await!

-Nathan Hale


Mirror 1:
2.1 Maverick’s Mirror (Global)

Mirror 2:
2.1 Tjoppen’s Mirror (EU)

Mirror 3:
2.1 Bubka’s Mirror (US)

Server .zip:

2.1 Maverick’s Mirror (Global)

2.1 Tjoppen’s Mirror (EU)

2.1 ModDB

September 28th, 2011

Well it’s that time again- time for another update Battle Grounds 2. This time it is BG2 version 2.1! The team has set the release date as

OCTOBER 8, 2011 at 12 AM Eastern US Time.

This version promises to be the best yet, and the Development Team has added a number of new features to the game. Here are the highlights:
Among the new features is a ticket-system game in the style of the popular Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 series. This style of game allows a certain number of spawn tickets to each side, simulating reinforcements and adding a new layer of strategy to the game. Teamwork is vital, as capturing and holding ground drains your opponents and gives your team an advantage.

Another new feature is Klifsnider’s excellent map: Trenton. This map feature semi-urban terrain similar to the popular Townguard map, but with in a new, wintry environment. The map draws inspiration from the Battle of Trenton, which followed Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River in the Winter of 1776.

Long-time mapper Grantelbart has revamped the map Plateau, bringing back the old, open terrain fighting, but with new spawns and pathways. He also helped develop the new heads up display, that includes period artwork and themes, as well as a graphical meter showing score and balance of power between the teams.

Tjoppen has been hard at work on coding- bringing to life the tickets system and completely reworking the shooting physics of the game. Now flintlocks feature 0.10 second delay to simulate the speed of the flintlock ignition system. Projectiles travel in a path and at a velocity based on scientific data and testing of real 18th century weapons. Buckshot has been made more realistic and useful in-game. New Roob has also been instrumental in updating the code and fixing various bugs.

Veteran team member Steve has contributed a new Fowler to the game, a weapon of excellent craftsmanship and realism. This particular fowling piece simulates a homemade American gun featuring a mix of old musket parts and new parts. It fits beautifully with the rest of the weapons in the game.

The marksman’s rifles have also gained new iron sights that make them more realistic and useful for long-range shooting.

Movement speeds have been increased, bringing more action to the game. The stamina system has been rebalanced to prevent wounds and movements from bogging players down excessively. The new system is a big help to gameplay.

Special thanks to Forlorn Hope as well, who rejoined the team after serving in the US Navy in Afghanistan and lending organization to the effort. Also special thanks to Maverick for hosting and supporting the Dev Team 2.1 beta test server while we work through the bugs. Team member Agent has also spread the goodness of BG through an advertising campaign on Facebook. New traffic has increased.

-Nathan Hale

September 17th, 2011

Welcome back to

I know it may seem hard to believe, but this month marks the 10th anniversary of the first release of Battle Grounds. In those days, the game was based on the Half-Life engine. Originally the game was spearheaded by NegIon, who had been inspired by the movie “The Patriot”. Ben Banfield and NegIon, among others, put great efforts into the early beta, bringing it to release in September 2001. Reloads were automatic and very short. There was melee, but it was limited. Alternate fire on the muskets produced a different sound of firing rather than a bayonet attack. I, personally, enjoyed the game even in its earliest forms. I know many players and other Development team members did as well.
Even Mel Gibson and George Washington had their own classes.

As time went on the game improved and new maps were added, like bg_snowlake.

Other maps were deleted or repaired. On Bunkerhill, for example, players could exploit a hole in the map and get underneath the American spawn, killing people invisibly. New people joined and left, but the game remained. Improvements were made steadily and league play, Battle For the Colonies and Nations Cup all provided competition and the game continued to improve with the help of numerous, skilled team members.

In 2005, Battle Grounds 2 came to fruition thanks in large part to the work of coder Tjoppen and others on the team. For awhile, BG 1 and BG 2 were played side-by-side, as Battle Grounds 1.0F came to release. Gradually, BG 2 became the flagship offering and numerous historical improvements were added, as well as gameplay fixes. BG 2 is now rapidly approaching release of version 2.1. We will be entering our final round of beta tests shortly, and the team is now considering naming a date for release. It will be much sooner than many of you may think. Stay on the look out for updates regarding that. However, for now the BG Development team wishes to thank past members for their contributions and to thank the players who have made the past 10 years a success. We will continue to improve the game and look forward to making the future a success as well.

-Nathan Hale

September 15th, 2011

Just a quick post about a new skirmish tournament being held in Battlegrounds 2. In this tournament you do not play for a clan, you play for your country instead.

If you are interested you can check out their forums and sign up to participate.