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The Battle Grounds Forums _ Beta Testers _ Sunday Night Svn Pugs/scrims

Posted by: Nathan Hale Dec 3 2010, 01:22 AM

So with the BGU being down for now, I was thinking-- what if we devoted Sunday nights in the meantime to scrims and PUGs on SVN? Basically you load up the SVN, update before game time, then join the game. We'd try some more radical stuff: tickets matches, new maps, CTF etc. The idea would be to get the league player base involved more in the SVN in a familiar setting: Sunday nights in a PUG/scrim type setting. People get league-type play in, which is fun, but we also get real-world tests in too.

Would anyone be interested in 9pm eastern on Sundays devoted to SVN games?

Posted by: gRanTeLbArT Dec 3 2010, 04:50 PM

Too late in the night for me but it might work for you NAs.

Posted by: Tjoppen Dec 30 2010, 11:13 PM

You read my mind NH - I was just about to suggest getting some of the clan players to do some matches on SVN to make sure any obvious issues are caught.

Time sounds a tad late for me though, but don't worry about that too much (I'll try to go to sleep really early or something).

Hm, thread is a few weeks old. I'll post anyway :>

edit: derp, wrong thread (kinda). Did this test happen, and if so: how did it go?

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