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Full Version: Another Tree :).
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Some of you may of noticed I do like my trees in maps wink.gif. Anyway here is my new one, 1000 tris at highest detail.

Changed pic.

Update, I have tweaked the trees skin, and made a fern detail prop. Its applied randomly across the material by hl2.

IPB Image
That's a VERY nice tree!
The way that first BIG branch smooths away from the base.
Really soft and nice!
* grabs his wife, kid and a picknick basket
* grabs anti-insect spray and hands it to monk
Sgt Pepper
They give a pretty good foresty look, rather than the park like look you get in most games. For denser forests, you could make even longer, straight trunks, and a more umbrella-like canopy. As for general forest design, old natural forests have trees of different ages and sizes, while planted forests have trees of similar age and height. A good mix between old dying trees, healthy growing trees of different sizes, and saplings, and undergrowth (like the fern, and shrubs) should give a good primeval forest look.

On Pepper's wish list: A beech forest. Those have very distinct and interesting looks in all seasons.

EDIT: Forgot to ask, what tree is it?
I just wish source didnt loose so many fps with alpha mapped textures. I really want to crank the detail levels up so much higher.

Heres a little update, just playing around seeing how much detail I can get before the fps drop to low. As it stands the fps would not be playable sad.gif.

IPB Image
IPB Image
well, an idea would be a winter/autumn map because you only need alpha textures for trees with leaves or am I wrong there?
Yes, but I want to make a summer time wood, with lots of foliage sad.gif.
Try without the ferns on the ground, I bet that would bump the fps up a fair bit. Or make them less dense.
Ferns didnt do much to the fps at all. I had it running without them and it was not a huge diff. The big thing is the trees, as they have so many layers of foliage to them.
not every forest is dense biggrin.gif
(especially true for forests in multiplayer FPS)
I think im in love dizzy.gif

Very nice tree.. they'll make ''w00t'' woods ^^
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