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Full Version: New Officer Weapon
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well, today i was talking with curly, and i came with the idea of replacing the officers' sword with a spontoon, which could have the same melee as a brown bess, but no shooting, regular soldier speed and long pattern's cooldown time between stabs. now hear this, because im sure many of you will say "it makes the officer pointless, as the only advantage it has is the reload abort and fast running". what im saying here is replacing that fast running with a better way to defend yourself. and make the weapon optional (like choosing between muskets for regular infantry). this could be useful for skirmishes, as officers could also take the defensive. it would also make line battles somewhat more challenging. you loose one shot per volley, but it still has the melee of a musket. you can even use the same animations for the melee.

that's just an idea, all right? i dont want any douchebag to show up saying "gtfo your idea sucks you fucking retard learn to play the game!".

yeah, it doesnt change too much the gameplay, but IMO it would be a nice addition to the officer. and you can ask 3rd party devs. to model the spontoon for you (like Hawke or Mikoo).
Spontoons were typically a sergeants weapon. But I don't see what advantage giving a reskinned line solider a melee only bess would be.
having the pistol and being able to abort reloading. maybe balance it by not reducing the speed too much. maybe just to the mid point between soldier speed and officer speed.
you run sightly slower and still pistol, but you have melee of a soldier and can abort reload.
The spontoon isn't an officer's weapon. Maybe in a later version we might revisit the idea of a spontoon for the infantry, but I'm not sure off hand.
" Maybe in a later version we might revisit the idea of a spontoon for the infantry"

the fact that u might take it into consideration proves that not all my ideas are bad. f
Funny, I don't even know what a spontoon is.
A cross between a pontoon and a spoon?
a spontoon is a short lance, used by sergeants to protect the flags from cavalry charges. also used to point where to concentrate a volley.

Again, and still, it's an NCO weapon :\
Spontoon sounds too similar to spoontoon. Request denied.
you cn use this

gun shots blade lopl
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